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Bouchard et Cie SA was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1972 by Bouchard family and associates. It began as the family office of one of the world’s most sophisticated family businesses, subsequently evolving into a multi-family office company for a clientele consisting of family businesses and ultra high net worth individuals. As a fiduciary company under Swiss law, Bouchard et Cie SA is subject to the same confidentiality and “know your client” requirements that apply to Swiss banks.

More than 45 years of experience, continuity and commitment to the service of demanding family businesses and Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

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Experienced team 

We are a well-established team of professionals, including chartered accountants, lawyers, tax consultants, financial analysts, investment advisors, strategic analysts and family business experts. Our approach to each client is unique and completely tailored to their specific requirements. Our extensive experience is complemented by the absolute discretion and confidentiality with which we conduct our business.

Our mission is to provide best solution

Our clients receive independent advice and services that are comprehensive, personal, and at the same time highly personalized to meet individual needs. Clients find relief based on our professional advice in wealth matters, our comprehensive views and competencies, and our discreetness.

Added Value
We create financial value added (cost, performance) and emotional well-being (control, consolidated overviews). Bouchard et Cie SA partners are experienced and have acquired a broad background. They possess in-depth knowledge and are experienced private bankers and investment advisors.


Bouchard’s management is particularly sympathetic towards philanthropy as a means of redistributing income and knowledge.
For some years, we have supported a spontaneous initiative in Africa to support the education and healthy growth of children who have been abandoned or live with families in difficulty.
Bouchard et Cie SA is sympathetic to streamlined, ethical initiatives whose goal is to help those most in need.
In this area, Bouchard can support client families in the creation of a training plan in philanthropy and guide them in setting up their own philanthropic initiatives and foundations.